Guy needed money
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`Hey there ladies and gents! this day I will be bringing u a rainy update but I wpromise u guys will have a fun every second of it GURANTEED! On to the action were driving and its pouring outside I mean it's so bad that i'm actually thinking of calling it a day begin fresh on the next but the driver spots this angel expecting for the bus in the middle of this thunder storm and right there I knew we had a winner I mean we had everything going for us but lad was I wrong this cutie wanted no thing to do with us although this honey was caught in the middle of this weather but this honey didn't care but ofcourse the weather just receives worse and I throw some money her way so this honey had to take the opportunity this honey was given and that that honey did. One Time inside the bus this honey was very hesitant towards all of us nearly as if that honey didn't have any personality real quiet but like all women there is some words that will get her all into the conversation and that word was ``Sex`` ha-ha-ha it was as if I had opened pandoras bos with this one he-he u guys will see what I'm talking about. I hope u all have a fun this update, Stay Tuned!` `Hey there ladies..
Oh, no! Alan and Sabrina are a young couple in trouble. Too many bills, not enough dough. They call Billy for help and he's got some money... if this guy can have Alan's lady! What to do? Decisions, decisions. Oh, no! Alan and..
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